CJMW at Rare Home

CJM is responsible for the global business of CJM, HARBOUR, ARENA AND FLAMENCO, our four decorative textiles brands. Founded on November 23rd 2000 by the Caracuel Jiménez Marqués family, the company focuses on the development, production and sale of fabrics for furnishings indoors and outdoors used domestically or for contract use. In addition, the company aspires to be a leader in the fields of comfort, connectivity and development of new technology that creates fabrics that are designed to be both smart and ecological.

At CJM, manufacturing and designing quality fabrics come together. Our two business divisions: The sale of fabrics to designers for residential homes and to the contract market, are continuously expanding globally, being present in more than 30 countries on four continents. Whilst complying with ecological requirements, sustainability is important to both business divisions.

For the company, ecology and sustainability means creating lasting value for our customers, employees and society as a whole. The basis for CJM’s sustainable business strategy is the company’s responsibility of the effects to the environment in the development of its fabrics and decorative installations. We look for natural beauty whilst creating smart quality fabrics.

CJMW fabrics and upholstery is on view at RARE Home. For trade enquiries please contact Robert directly.