The Showroom

Our showroom is at 12 Castle Market, in the heart of Dublin City Centre, close to The Powerscourt Townhouse, in an area called the Creative Quarter as it is filled with amazing shops and restaurants. The showroom is above the beautiful RARE Jewellery Design store at No.12 which is a building built in 1896 with all the lovely features that go with that era. 

The concept

RARE Home was concieved during the first Covid lockdown in 2020 when it was realised that this possibly could be the normal and the concept of buying bedlinen online would be a thing that everyone was starting to do. The problem with online buying is you are told how fabulous the product is but you can not return the goods if the packaging is opened so you never get to feel the quality without committing to the product.

The showroom has a sample of every quality of bedlinen available on display. Each are named and a QR code on display will lead you back to the RARE Home website and explain exactly what you are looking at and what price. If you wish to go ahead then you fill in the order sheet and it is delivered to your door exactly what you picked, just like buying online. We sell long thread cotton, Supima cotton, bamboo and silk in qualities from 200 thread count all the way to 1000 thread count. Please note not all products are priced due to their ability to be made bespoke.

interior Showroom

Having explained this concept to some interior designers, they asked for other lines and we have now included French bespoke lighting , London rugs, Spanish upholstery and outdoor fabrics, Greek outdoor designer furniture and  Dutch automated blinds with more products in the pipeline. The designer can bring their client for a private meeting and go through the ranges while enjoying a nice coffee without being disturbed. All visits are by appointment with either Robert or privately.