When making a product work, the ideas of our designers and clients combine with the talent of glass artisans to create models that are both authentic and timeless. Sketches and diagrams become raw material, shaped using traditional methods, to give substance to our products. We then use the latest technological innovations to ignite in this material envelope the spark that will end up giving life to the whole project.


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All our products incorporate the latest technological and standard developments. They reflect our know-how in terms of originality and manufacturing quality. Since 2017, we have been associating the purity of glass with natural materials such as marble, stone and wood. This allows us to create a sensitive and refined collection.

We also offer customization of our lighting, in order to adapt our designs to all projects. Today, we distribute our creations internationally and they adorn the spaces of the most prestigious places.


We create luminaries of character combining strength and grace, as close as possible to trends. For this, we collaborate with a team of passionate designers and with the greatest respect for the creations of the Master Glassmakers



Each of our pieces is unique. Our mouth-blown glasses each adopt their own shape, and each series has its own nuance of colors. Beyond these specificities, all our models are customizable. Each glass is available in several colors, each cable is adaptable even once the structure is installed, each model is available from one to 90 lights.

Can’t find the right luminaire for your project? Create it.


Our RARE Home showroom in Castle Market above RARE Jewellery design has many samples for customers and designers to view at their leisure. Online brochures can be sent by email but can not create the character and quality that Concept Verre lighting can bring to your home or commercial premises. As a bespoke product pricing is on an individual basis and appointments can be made to discuss your needs by getting in touch on our contact page.