At RARE Home we are bringing online shopping to another level. Our beautiful 1 st
floor studio in the heart of Dublin’s Creative Quarter has samples out on display of all
our website products, which allows our customers and designers to see and feel the
unrivalled luxurious quality of what we are offering.

RARE Home is owned and run by Robert Murray, Rob has over 30 years’ experience
working with soft furnishings and textiles, in both wholesale and retail. The
inspiration to open RARE Home has come from Rob’s observation and
understanding that customers want ‘more’, they want better quality, more luxury and
to be able to tailor their choices to something they will love for years to come.
To do this with confidence, they want to be able to see, feel and touch the qualities of
our bedlinen, fabrics and lighting. With this in mind, RARE Home has been created,
our website is just a taste of what we have on offer and we also invite customers to
come to the RARE studio in Castle Market if they would like to confirm the quality
that we promise before committing to purchase.

“Quality is often defined as the meeting of the expectations of customers.”

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